Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am home again.  All vacationed out.  I have a few outfits to share, and some thrifted items (starting today) to show off over the next week or so...but just a few.  I admit I spent most of the 2 weeks in a swimsuit or shorts and a tee or the Lands' End dress OVER my swimsuit.

But I did break out this skirt one afternoon, for a quick trip into town for wine.  Or maybe I went to the farm stand.  All the days run together, as the best vacation days do.

Skirt, thrifted in Southold, NY, $2; top, J Crew.


  1. Love it. Your hair looks so pretty too.

  2. And what lovely resort was the picture taken at????
    You look the definition of loverly.


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