Friday, August 6, 2010

Lampshade or Awesome Skirt...You Be the Judge.

Well you didn't think I could end the black and white streak on Thursday, did you?  No, I had to finish it out.

I have a real bottom shortage...few pants and fewer skirts.  And the missing pieces seem to go in opposite directions.  I could use more basic pants and more funky skirts.  So when I was browsing the local consignment shop yesterday, and spotted this number, I knew I had two birds and one stone: my final outfit for the week was complete and instant skirt funkification.

My husband referred to it as my "lampshade" but I got compliments all day.  I could definitely dress this up or down.  This was for a casual summer Friday at work, but I think it would look great with my band jacket or my black sequined tank for other occasions.

It is very heavy, though, and has an elastic waist, so I am at a loss for how to wear it with something tucked...Any suggestions?

Skirt, Simon Chang via the Fashion Exchange, $12.50; Top, french connection; cami, leftover from a cllection of stretchy maternity tanks!


  1. NOT a lampshade. I like it. For tucking in I'd recommend a wide belt to cover the elastic and the tucked-in item.

    The skirt is awesome. A real find and I LOVE the shoes!

    Keep up the great fashion fun!

  2. Agree on it not being a lampshade (crazypants husband of yours!!) and using a wide belt. And great accessorizing as always!


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