Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mixing It Up

Oh, pattern mixing.  How I fear you.  I need to practice this skill, but most of my clothes are solids!  I realize that I might be a TAD afraid of pattern.  I prefer to buy things that "go with everything." Of course that gets boring.  So today I took a stab.  A gentle stab.  More like a poke.

Somehow, the totally different colors of the scarf in the middle seemed to make the skirt and top go together BETTER.  How does that work?  My mind is boggled.

Here's a close up of the patterns next to each other.

Maybe after I master pattern mixing, I will learn how to iron.

Also, today I thought about trying to wear NO black for a week.  But I realize that I would have not much too wear.  We will see.

Blouse, J Crew; Skirt, TJ Maxx; Scarf, Gifted; Necklace, Pink.

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  1. I too am so scared of patterns. I think the blouse and the scarf/belt totally work. Good job!


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