Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner with the Drapers

Okay, no.  Really we were headed to my husband's 30th high school reunion...but since we were leaving from the heart of the NYC suburbs and my dress has a little early 60s quality to it, I felt like I was channeling a friend of Betty's.

The reunion was fun, or as fun as a reunion with people you have never met can be.  Friday night was a gathering at a bar, Saturday was a beach party (complete with a cranky babe who skipped his nap), and Saturday night was cocktails at the yacht club.  

It made me wish my high school class would have a reunion...if only to torture my better half!

Dress, Dress Barn, $20 sale rack - it was missing a belt, and I thought, I have one of those!  But then I forgot to pack it; necklace, MASS MoCA; shoes, DSW; clutch, vintage.

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