Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to Work

I returned to work with a bang...of the car door.  I had a donor meeting 2 hours away that I foolishly scheduled at a time that necessitated leaving the house at the time I have been getting up over vacation.  I was dragging all day.  But at least my shirt stayed crisp.

 I picked it up thrifting with my niece over vacation.  We spent the morning bouncing from store to store and she found lots of treasures.   I found a few things, and bought them, without trying them on.  And somehow, they all fit!

I've been wanting an eyelet blouse all summer...so I grabbed this one seconds after another woman picked it up, looked it over and dismissed it.

Blouse, Loft, thrifted, $2; pants, New York and Company; pin, thrifted, $2.


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