Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blast from the Past

This weekend my daughter got into a box of old toys in our spare room.  While we were picking up the Little People explosion, I noticed a box of old clothes, things I packed away five years ago this summer.  I was pregnant with her at the time.  In the box I found some great old things (now with moth holes!) and a mouses' nest, made from velvet fuzz  from a pair of Ralph Lauren pants I bought in 1997.

And also?  This shirt.

Everything else was at least a size or two too small or ready for the trash.  (One pair of pants might fit on a really good day.)

I've been looking at demin shirts online, for fall.  What a find!  I bet I can do some creative layering for the looks I want.  Here's a start...the shirt is stiff enough and the dress thin enough for this to work.

Shirt, Originally?  Who knows..label says American Outpost; Dress, Soprano via TJ Maxx


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