Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Ends of the Earth

This is me, recreating my feeling like I was about to fall off the end of the earth today:

 I had another marathon driving day today, on top of yesterday's half-marathon drive.  There are only so many ways to go west from here, but I tried parts of all of them.

Still, I managed to remain in presentable shape, there and back.

In preparation for my hair appointment tomorrow (just a trim!  promise!) I have been hiding my dry and scraggly ends in various braids this week.  Today, a bun made from 2 braids.

Dress, Dress Barn.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

R and R'ed

What a weekend!  We did it all, the whole Adirondack experience--hiking, swimming in the river, eating, eating, eating, horse show, parade, Ausable Club fireworks.  Happy Independence Day!

I was sooo relaxed all weekend, in large part due to the presence of my mom. And my better half and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, long distance.

I was still feeling relaxed this morning, so I decided to skip the shower and adopt the Heidi braids I have long admired on Julie of Orchid Grey.

I was a little concerned when my mom assured me that they didn't look at all costumey.  On the assumption that they must have looked costumey to make her think to say they didn't!  Great logic, right?  So, costumey or not?  And if so, does it matter?

Tee, J Crew; pants, Victoria's Secret; necklace, Target.