Monday, August 30, 2010

Plunking, or How I am Attempting to Love My Hair

I spent last night doing to opposed activities...ironing and making my hair wavier.  I've been doing a little reading on how to deal with my waves.  I am glad that the trend to straighten, straighten, straighten has ebbed and now there are some resources on dealing with the swirls.

So I tried (and misunderstood) a technique called "plunking."  You basically plop your wet hair onto a tee, by lowered your inverted head down to it, and wrap it up that way.  But I missed the part about letting it dry all the way that way. Good thing, or it would still be wet!  Instead I just let it get less drippy and air dried it while I slept.  Still....noticeably wavier waves!

And I tried out the layered necklace, trend.  I like it!

And when I was in the closet putting away all the ironed clothes, I found this silk skirt.  Which was a tad too long and too tight in the waistband.  So I pulled 'er up and cinched!  ("Just cinch it!")

Tee, Gap; Skirt, Tommy Bahama via my mother in law! Necklaces, from daughter, babysitter, and an old colleague's trip to Haiti; belt, LL Bean via the Fashion Exchange; shoes, Nine West.


  1. check out p.s. Plunking NEVER worked for me!

  2. Ashley- definitely will try the "rake and shake" method! How did I get to be almost 35 and not understand my hair???


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