Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Off with Her Head!

I took today off because we are going to a wedding this afternoon.  My girl and I spent the morning getting manicures.  For her, a first!  Then she played photographer again, and I believe she is making an editorial decision about my hair.

It is rather, um, fluffy these days.

I had to manhandle it down to keep it in the frame in this picture!

Shorts, New York and Co.; Top, LOFT via THRIFT STORE!; Shoes, SE Boutique.


  1. Trimming? And you have great legs.....hope that's not weird that I'm saying that.

  2. Things I love about this week on Ef for Effort:
    The heron.
    Your legs.
    The dead leaves you're holding so demurely.


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