Monday, August 9, 2010

Make It Work?

Since starting this blog, I've made about 15 attempts at the belt over cardigan look. And, until today, none of them made it out of the house. Why? Wrong belt?  Wrong cardigan? Wrong waist?  All of the above?  But today I braved it, only because I wanted to wear this color combo and NOT recreate an IDENTICAL outfit from late July.

I really can't decide if this works or not.   Maybe it would be better if I were less busty?  But on the plus side, I think all the layers are thing enough so it is not at all bulky.

I wore this to a lunch meeting with a donor.  Normally I might dress more conservatively, maybe a jacket and less sandal-y shoes, but a.) it's summer and b.) the donor is a pretty casual dressing guy.

One more note: this dress was a beginning foray into shorter skirts.  I liked it.

Dress, Soprano via TJ Maxx; cardigan, J Crew; shoes, Nine West; belt, LL Bean via the Fashion Exchange.

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