Thursday, August 26, 2010

Audio Visual Club

I spend a lot of time in meetings.  And many of those meetings are via videoconferencing, which does impact what I wear, as the prospect of being on camera should.  Today I thought I would be on videoconferencing for two hours, but ended up on the phone for three.

Which begs the question:  why not just stay home in my pajamas and work that way?  The answer, my friends, is children.  If I have to drive 40 minutes to get them to day care, might as well drive the last 10 minutes til work.

And this situation will persist until the nanny arrives. (Scheduled for after the pigs fly.)

Sweater, New York and Company; Shirt, J.C.Penney via my mom's closet - but not stolen; Scarf, gift from Paris from my dad; pants, New York and Company; wedges, Nine West; necklace, Taste in Greenport, NY.

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