Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As I suspected, the summer dress easily transitioned to fall.  In the meantime, looks like my shoulders are also trying to transition for the colder weather.  By becoming earmuffs.

Maybe I should have taken the picture before driving to and from Albany for a meeting.  (A drive that was made FORTY minutes longer by poorly marked road work and a detour.


I multitasked with my outfit picture today, by also grabbing some wood for the fire while I was out on the porch.  (I had to consciously looooooooower my shoulders for this one.)

The turtleneck under the dress is from J Crew, and I think they called it tissue weight or a layering tee.  Either way it has several holes, one of which popped up (literally, my thumb popped through the fabric) on the third or fourth wear. That pissed me off more than today's detour did.  Luckily, all the holes are covered by the dress.  I usually love the Crew, as you may have noticed, but seriously? Holes?  For the record, I have had a black one from them for longer and no cavities!

Sorry for my incoherence.  I am having a rough week.  On the road 4 out 5 days, late evenings, grumpy kids who miss their dad, dreary weather....blah.  No wonder I looks so ticked off in these shots!

Dress, Lands' End Canvas; turtleneck, J Crew; shoes, Madden Girl


  1. Hang in there Martha!

    BTW...holes are NOT acceptable for the CREW!

  2. I like the layering. I have the same dress. I like that you found a way to keep wearing it. The belt looks great too.

  3. The way your day seemed to be going I'm afraid to ask if you took the firewood to Albany???
    You did look greatthough!

  4. No, Em. I think there is enough dead wood there already!


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