Friday, September 17, 2010

End of the Road

Ah...The week has come to an end.  I averaged 5 and half hours of driving everyday but Monday.  I am a true road warrior!  And I am not ashamed to say that this week from hell ended with me crying in the arms of the kids' day care provider.  (She also takes good care of me!)

But at least I had the comfort of new pants and shiny shoes to help me make it through the day.  It's hard to feel tired when you see this when you look down:

And finally, before I crash, I would like to commend myself on this color combo. Not only do I love the gold and navy combo, the blue and green all really worked together.  (And I feel lucky it did, because I didn't get to look in the mirror today and didn't see the whole outfit til these pics.)

Cords, Lands' End Canvas, $49; blouse, Vera Wang's Kohl's line; Jackie Cardigan, J Crew.

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