Friday, September 10, 2010


This sweater is symbolic.  This sweater pretty much sums up my fashion ineptitude.  I have never been able to wear it with anything other than BLACK.  How obvious.

So while I know I have made SOME progress, this is my challenge.

Find a pairing that makes this sweater shine. 

This ain't it.

And also? Dear Lord!  These are my go to blacks pants for fall and winter...But apparently they do NOTHING for me.  Uh oh.

At least I had one thing going for me grammy's necklace.  I can see it on her in my mind's eye...she's eating a chili dog, smoking a Benson and Hedge's and drinking coffee. Or she's playing cards and drinking coffee.  Or she's sitting in the passenger seat of an Olds.  Probably drinking coffee.

Some days?  Thinking about one part of your outfit can make you feel really good.

Pants, Ideology; Sweater, French Connection; Necklace, Grammy! (oh, and I am pretty sure the boobs came from her too.)


  1. Wear the pants with heels! MUCH BETTER!

  2. definitely heels! But there is also something funky going on with the pockets...which is odd because it is something that would make me think too tight, but clearly they are also too big.

    Maybe my insisting on washing (alone, on delicate, in our front loader) these pants has done them in?


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