Thursday, September 16, 2010


I had a perfect outfit shot location in mind today, but by the time I could take the picture it was pouring cats and dogs and the location was outside so I didn't stop and do it.  And by the time I got home it was dark and still pouring.  Methinks that come winter we'll be seeing more office bathroom shots!

When I posted Monday's outfit on Facebook I asked folks how often they shop and learned that many of my friends share a trait with me: CHEAPNESS.  And no, not in the tarty fun way.  In the can't bear to give up significant money way.

I've been spending more on clothes lately though, and it feels good.  I still won't spend more than $100 on any one piece and feel like $50 is more my sweet spot. But now that I know what looks better on me, and am really getting sense of what I need and where I would like to experiment, I find I am parting with my money a little more easily.  And having a few places where I am secure in my size has helped with my online shopping.  (As I may have mentioned, the local bricks and mortar stores are very very limited.)

So here's to stimulating the economy!  Tomorrow I will wear a new pair of pants, just out of pure patriotism (which is why I put them on just to vote on Tuesday!)

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