Thursday, September 2, 2010


I did not take a picture today, as I wore the Lands' End Canvas dress about which I have blogged EIGHT times this summer.  And I KNOW I wore it more than that - threw it on afterwork, wore it over a swimsuit,  pulled it on for a trip to the post office on a Saturday morning.  So, I think that $50 was really well spent.

Moving into Fall (though it doesn't feel that way right now!), I am wondering what that season's staple will be...I am pondering the purchase of skinny cords in navy from Lands' End Canvas to fill the slot.  (But since I got bills for school taxes on BOTH of our properties today, I might wait!) And I am planning on wearing this dress with tights, sweaters, and even, perhaps, a turtleneck.

What's been your summer staple?  Anything in the wings waiting for Fall?

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  1. good find on the canvas dress! fall staples? skinny cords i found at jcrew outlet for $7 in june and a cat sweater a friend gifted me that i'll proudly wear from fall - spring as any crazy cat lady would. :)


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