Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Before and After


But who cares about the outfit??? I got bangs!


And a motivation to get new a contacts perscription.

Last time I had bangs they made me look 10 years younger.  That may still be the case, but since I last had bangs in 2000, I am 10 years older.  So if I look 25?  Not gonna complain.

Cardi, New York and Company; Dress, Lands' End Canvas; Tights, We Love Colors.


  1. Love the bangs. Don't be offended, but the outfit reminds me of the movie Heathers. Not sure why. By the way, one of the best movies ever!

  2. Best movie ever. It is because of the blue tights. Totally stolen of Winona in the croquet scene.

  3. Love the bangs! Very inspiring for my own hair, except I just bobbed my locks a month ago and I'd look 12.

  4. the bangs look awesome! totally frames your pretty face :)


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