Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hair's the Story

The hair.  So I am now down to two shampoos per week.  I condition then and also at least once between shampoos.  (Because I can not get it wet and not condition...I would never get the knots out.)  I am not brushing and only comb when it is wet.  No product either, for the most part.  (But the day I teased last week I did use hairspray.)  I need to get my ends trimmed and I have decided to go for the bangs.  (I am also debating a move back to contacts...which is related only in terms of bangs and glasses.)  But I have yet to make a hair appointment, because I have no time. is how it is looking.  I think I washed it on Tuesday night.  I conditioned it last night.

I feel like I look like a creepy witch in this picture.  I had a good pose going but then got distracted by my neighbor's dog...hence the about to topple over body and whipped around head.  Oh well, I think the movement showed off the sweater well.

Turtleneck, Victoria's Secret; Cardi, Target;  Slim Leg Cords, Lands' End Canvas.  (I was wrong about price...they were $44.50); clogs, Dansko.

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