Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blob + Belt = Bombshell

In honor of back to school, I bring you some elementary mathematics...Take one ill defined waist, add belt and full skirt, and you get an hourglass (or at least a few more minutes on either end.)

Thanks to all of you who suggested I could use a wide belt to wear this skirt with a tucked in top.  I was worried about sliding skirtage, but this fabric belt has some quilting, which I think added just enough friction to keep it in place.

See how I tied it all up with gray accessories?  See?  Oh, how much I have learned over the summer.  Maybe I should be giving myself a higher grade than "F" this days?

How about a "B" for belted bombshell?

Skirt, Simon Chang via Fashion Exchange; Sweater, LOFT; Shoes, Madden Girl; Belt, Gap (same as yesterday....did I mentioned it is REVERSIBLE??); Cuff, Tesoros in Austin, courtesy of my employee discount from  my grad student days in retail; necklace, Pink, Saranac Lake.


  1. WOW! You ARE a fashion inspiration!! Keep it up, GIRL!

  2. Honey....if you wore that back to school you'd be sent straight to the principal's office [per his request].


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