Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tease Me

I started my day with some good, old fashioned back combing.  It is pretty much the only way I can make my heavy, heavy hair look like I actually DID it, instead of just pulling it back.

The 2 wash a week regimen is starting to make a difference.  My hair seems less dry, and the waves are a little more separate.  And I this is only day two of this shampoo.  It is no longer getting greasy by mid-day on day three either.

Anyway, this is the week I start layering the summer things I didn't get enough of for fall wear.  I don't think it got warmer than 60 today, so the tights were a good call.

I wore this to a board meeting and for a LOT of driving.  Comfy, but pulled together.  A good combo!

Dress, Dress Barn; Jackie Cardigan, J. Crew; Shoes, Naturalizer; pin, thrifted; bracelet, Grandma's; belt, another $7.99 reversible jobbie from the Gap Outlet!

*Port-a-potties by Morrisonville Septic?  Didn't notice they were there til after I posted.   There's a fall festival in town on Saturday at the Tee Ball Field in Wilmington.  Guess whose backyard backs UP to said tee ball field?

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