Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeping It Simple

It is hot.  This is not a complaint.  No, just an observation.

But it explains the simplicity of this outfit.  Because there was a jacket that really was planning on joining the pants and shirt, but it bailed when it realized it was going to be so warm.

Who could blame that jacket?

This is day three of the new hair experiment.  No more daily washing. No more combs or brushes other than the post-shower one.  I washed Sunday night.  Monday I wore my hair down, Tuesday in a pony, and this morning I wet it and conditioned it.  And I plunked.  Tonight I will wash again, and might even attempt an all night plunking session.  I am surprised it isn't greasy today, but then again I have not run all week, so the lack of exertion (read: sweating) might account for that.

Blouse, New York and Compnay; Minnie Pant, J Crew; shoes, Madden Girl; earrings, my Grandma Jane!

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