Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Working Assets

Having the body of a mom of two has taken a while to get used to.  Ok.  I am still not used to it and baby number 2 is 18 months old this week.  No idea what I am talking about?  Want to feel your body is normal?  Check out Shape of a Mother.

Things that used to be a source of pride have changed.   Even with the time that's passed and lots of exercise (and because of weight gain and loss) things that once looked smooth are now wrinkly.  Everything is a little or a lot bigger.  And that is good and bad.

So I have had to learn to dress this new body.  I am realizing a lot of my clothes are too big. (which is why no pics of today's outfit...should have taken an am picture, when there was still time to change!)  And I need new undergarments.

But here's the good part.  I LOVE my legs and the place where butt meets leg and the whole butt in general.  Those legs may be short for my overall height, but they are nice.  (thanks 10 months of running!) That means:  more skirts and heels. But how to you dress a butt for best effect?

What's your best asset?  How do you accentuate the positive?


  1. Focus on your boobs and they forget about everything else. That's what I do.

  2. I focus on them too - but I like everything else as well. (The Hubby)


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