Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sometimes I'm goody goody...right now I'm naughty naughty

So today I had a massive mailing at work, followed by a fundraiser for Bill Owens for Congress by the lake....What would be professional, yet comfortable and cool?  I decided to go for this tastefully, but slightly sexy ensemble...

I like the pink and black combo, because it reminds me of lingerie.  I think the fact the top is close in color to my skin makes it seem a little bare, but yet it is still a pretty modest sweater.  But this outfit reminds me of 3 problems I have:

1.  I need new bras.

2. Layers and bunching and tucking (in this case, a thickish sweater hem tucked in to a slim skirt, but in general as well...)  And that leads to cinching, which reminds me of...

3.  Belts.  Why do I only own 2 and fear/not understand/forget about them?

I got AMAZING reactions on this outfit including: naughty secretary, naughty professor, naughty secretary's naughtier boss, professional yet sexy, "like Joan on Mad Man" and "June Cleaver updated."  I also got awkardly flirtatious how are yous from a 20 year old emo kid and mentally ill homeless man at the post office.

In other words, I think I had a damn fine day 2!

Sweater, Ann Taylor LOFT, sale: $24; Skirt, Victoria's Secret, $40ish (I think...); Belt, J Crew; Shoes, TJ Maxx about 5 year ago; this is special.  When I was in the 5th grade I ordered a chinese take out box of opera length "pearl' necklaces in all different shades of "pearl" from the back of Seventeen and this is the only remaining necklace - in white "pearl."

And photo credit to Aimee of Vint Condition!


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