Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My husband tells me he hates this dress.  But I lurve it.  At least the color.  It does get kinda wrinkly at the end of the day, as seen here.  I really should have done a morning picture before the rain made my hair explode.

Anyway...Dress: Target, last summer, $24.  Necklace: Pink in Saranac Lake (one of two women's clothing boutiques in the area), $15.  Shoes, Jessica Simpson, TJ Maxx, last fall, price lost in my memory!


  1. I love the color too. So pretty. I like the dress too.

  2. Thanks, V! Do you like how we recruited someone elses dog for the picture?

  3. i'm here for fashion!!!!!

    ok. color: great. you look good in jewel tones. let's remember this for future shopping.

    also, awesome bust-line. the button down collar shirt with a tailored waist rocks on you. nice necklace to double up on those assets. (what does hubby think? i assume you are only dressing for him and you?)

    however: this dress cuts you off at all the wrong angles. why does it stop at mid-tricep? Who? Who? Who? wants to show off the mid-tricep???? Then, we've got just above the knee. Just above the knee is great if the skirt doesn't have too much going on. But this one has a belt and buttons and wrinkles... maybe try something a bit more simple, more jcrew-ish with some slc attitude...?

    what if we turned this dress into a sleeveless collared shirt with a tailored waist? finish it off with a pencil skirt that hits just above the knee?

  4. Thanks, Beth! He thinks the dress has "too much going on" with the pockets. But he also suggest I get "some nice chamois shirts from Cabelas." So I take it all with several grains of salt!


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