Thursday, June 10, 2010

Color Me...


For a long, long time, the only colors in my wardrobe were blue, black, gray and brown.  Of course, all the tags said Old Navy, too.  About a year ago I started to try different colors.  Pinks, reds, greens, and yes, even orange.

I felt a little halloween-y in this outfit, but a few people commented that I looked "sharp" and "springy" today, so it must not be too auntumnal!  Good thing, since I am a "summer."

Anyone else remember "Color Me Beautiful"? What about Color Me Badd?

I almost added tights, since it was so chilly today.

And another Grandma Jane bracelet.

Skirt, Target; Short sleeved turtleneck, Victoria's Secret; Cardigan, New York and Company, $20 on sale!


  1. I wear "Grandma" jewelry all the time -- I have a picture locket Grampa gave her in the '40s - it is designed like a book ...


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