Monday, June 28, 2010

Nip and Tuck

I bought today's dress last summer and was never totally satisfied.  It started each wearing well, but in minutes was looking droopy and paper baggy.  So I experimented with a new belt, which helped, and then pinning, which REALLY helped.

It brought the waist in just enough, lefted the hem of the piece that wraps around the front over my knees, and added a little pizzazz!  And when I grabbed the pin, I remembered the shrug it had come off of, which has been lingering in the closet for five years.  It turned out to be a nice switch from the usually, ubiquitious green J Crew Jackie Cardigan!

(And by the way, I have made up with the photographer, who allowed herself into this shot.)

But enough about clothes, let's stomp in some puddles!

Dress, Target, $25 last summer; Shrug, Bette Sung; Bracelets and necklaces, Grandma(s) and the thrift!  And since I decided I needed to wear heels, I threw on the red ones, with a promise to myself to get a new pair after work.  And I did.  See them soon!

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  1. Great tailoring job Martha! Glad you and the photographer made up~hard to find one that can get you from the right angles. Laura


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