Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gray Day

What a dreary, rainy day.  Perfect for finishing that big mailing at work and sitting in meetings alllllll day long.

That sweater thingie kind of confounds me.  It has long ties in the front, but it ties in kind of an awkward place in front, so I tied it in the back.  The pants where super tight when I first got them, but now are loose, and have a tendency to stretch and get baggy around the waist and knees.  Which annoys me.  But they were more than I usually spend on pants, so wear them I will!  I needed some bling with all the gray...

And yes...I did take that picture at the top in the bathroom at the office.  Because this is my long mirror at home...

Pants, J Crew Minnie Pant, $79.  Shirt, Land's End Canvas, $24; Sweater, French Connection, gift.  Pin, Vintage, thrifted.


  1. That mirror at home is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You should take all of your photos in there~LOL. Love the BLING!

  2. Your legs look great in the mirror at home. Love the bling.


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