Monday, June 21, 2010

How Do You Thrift Score?

Today's outfit is very close to how I dressed before I started the blog...and made an effort.

In the past, I might have skipped the accessories altogether.   This outfit is REALLY boring.  In fact, most of my outfits are fairly dull.  I think I need to thrift up some snazz.

Like these pins.  I am actually pretty successful at thrift store jewels, since I can tell immediately what they will look like!  But as far as clothes, I don't think I have been successful at finding anything beyond an accessory at the thrift since I moved away from Austin.

So...what's the secret?  Do you have the eye?  

Pants, Gap; Sweater, H&M.  Both a million years ago.  Pins, thrifted!; Belt, thrifted!


  1. when i go thrifting, i have a little system for clothes. first, i look for color. anything with a nice color, i touch. that tells me about fabric - is it nice? will it hang nicely?

    if it passed the color and touch test, then i take it off the rack and check size, wear, and tear.

    then, the hard part: cut. you have to know what cuts look good on you always (mine: a- line skirts, pencil skirts, empire waists, straight legs, 3/4 length sleeves, boat necks, etc.)

    happy hunting!

  2. I do a lot of touching, and icking, when I thrift.

    Do you ever alter things to make them fit better/differently?


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