Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Russia with Love

Back in the late 70s my Grandpa, Max, went to visit his Ukranian family in Poland.  He bought a Russian gold bracelet with pink stones for my Grandma, Jane. She left it to me.

It is engraved MB & JGB  Aug 1978.  And it inspired today's outfit.

Again...issues with belting.  I thought this worked well, til the picture!

More gold...I love this necklace and bought it in the J Crew Store in West Hartford, I looked for it later on the website (because I thought there was a bracelet too) and never did find it again!

And more!

Blouse, TJ Maxx, $24; Pants, Bass, $20 at the outlet a few years ago; Cardigan, Target; Shoes, DSW; Necklace, J Crew, $55.

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  1. I give you an A for accomplishment. Great fashion choices! You are inspiring me!


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