Saturday, June 5, 2010

When What We Want Is Bad for Us...

A week or two ago I took a trip to Pink in Saranac Lake with a goal.  Buy something.  Anything.

I am a bad shopper, as I mentioned before, and the root of my badness?  I never try anything on.  Lack of patience, lack of time, and the fact that I have a hard time visualizing what something would look like on me or what I would wear with it all stop me from even getting into a dressing room.  And I do recognize that these are all good reasons TO head behind the curtain.

So.  I knew I would be trying things on.  Boutiques like Pink are easier, because what is in my size or near my size, and in price range really narrows the field.  So I narrowed.  And then I tried on on all of those dresses.

And I fell in love with this...

 But it didn't fit.  Well, it did fit.  Perfectly, except for the bodice which was so tight I could not breathe and smooshed my chest into a GIANT SQUARE UNIBOOB.  Sigh.

I even thought about buying a size up (which they would have had to order for me) so when I came home I looked to see if it was online anywhere.  I found it at Nordstrom and realized that a size up would be too big everywhere else.

This has happened before, which means I need a tailor.

And the other thing I learned?  Pink may be expensive, but the same dress was FIFTY dollars MORE at Nordstrom online (from whence stole this picture.)  So I will definitely be back to Pink for bargain hunting.


  1. Hmmmpppfffff...sorry about your uniboobness. Hey, there is a good tailor in Peru, just past the stewarts, take a right, then take a left. My mom brought some of my dads coats there. GO FOR THE DRESS...IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The day I met you, you were wearing a vintage sort of black satin dress like this. (At Heaven Hill farm for an ACT workshop.)


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