Monday, October 25, 2010


Remember back in the summer, when I was just a wee blogger, when I tried a dress at Pink and it was too small and $80 and I loved it and almost ordered it from Nordstrom for $120?  Remember? Let me refresh.

Well.  Change top and waist line, subtract $60 or $100 from the price, make it fit in the bust and sell it to me at TJ Maxx, why don't you?  Same brand.  TWENTY DOLLARS.

Of course, I should have taken pics before sitting all day!

And here's why the top fits.  DARTS.

Made for the double Ds.

And here is the awesome waist detail.

How fun is THAT??

Teamed with an updo and the lovely Traversa cardigan (see pretty much any Crew loving fashion blogger for gushing) and you have a fitted, professional yet fun work outfit.

Traversa Cardigan, J Crew, gift from my mommy; dress, London Times via TJ Maxx, $20; tights, Target, $5; necklace, Pink.

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