Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit Day

I am wearing purple today for Spirit Day.

I am honoring the memory of LGBTQ youth bullied and lost too soon to suicide.  And I am wearing it honor of all of those who survive bullying or stand up to bullying of any kind - personal, religious, institutional, governmental...I don't know a single person who has not felt that pain for one reason or another.

Also in honor of Spirit Day, I commit myself to helping make the agency where I work a safe place for LGBTQ patients in search of sexual health care!

In totally unrelated, and shallow, news, I think this sweater DOES go with the skirt.  I took a close up to prove it:

I am really not sure why the skirt seems so blue in pictures again!  Natural light this time, too!

Skirt, Gap Outlet; sweater, French Connection; belt, gift from S.; boots, Madden Girl; Jacket, Old Navy Maternity (Needs to have the button moved to fit a NON-pregnant person, or someone needs to get knocked up so I can pass it on, also, I took it off for the pictures this am and forgot to put it back on!); necklaces, my Grammy!

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