Monday, October 11, 2010


I had perk things up after the end of last week, so I went whole hog and CONTRASTED.

Never in a billion pre-blog years would I have paired this cardigan with this skirt, but hey?  Why not?

It was hard to get a picture that accurately reflected both colors...either the skirt was photographing bluer than it is, or the orange wasn't coming out as orangy.

Hrmm.  That is why we only get one photo today!

(And no, not Casper.  My boy!)

Skirt, Gap Outlet; turtleneck,  Victoria's Secret; cardigan, New York and Company.


  1. Pretty lady! Casper Waylon was on the run huh? Nice to see you today!!! P.S. Skirt was much purpler in person.


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