Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who I Am

Mom running errands.  That's what I was today and this outfit perfectly reflects that! Nothing fashionable here, but the light was so gorgeous this afternoon that I had to do a couple of pictures.

Jeans. Gap Long and Lean; Sweater, Jones New York, gift from my mom; vest, Burton, gift from my sister-in-law MB; clogs, Dansko; silk long underwear!, gift from my sensible husband upon my move to the Adirondacks.


  1. I think you look like an LLBean Model! Love this ~ BEST OUTFIT YET!

  2. I guess since I am a soccer mom that this is my favorite outfit.

  3. I can make fun of soccer moms because in a few weeks I will once again become the dreaded HOCKEY MOM! ;-)


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