Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink and Gray

Pink and gray sounds to me like an 80s combo.  In my minds' eye the pink is baby pink, so when I thought about the sweater and the pants and the belt, I was not so sure.  But when I put together  BRIGHT PINK and DARK GRAY, I didn't think 80s, I thought LOVE.

And I think SASSY.

And so my lesson from this is to go to the closet and look at the clothes instead of just imagining them.  My best outfits come from standing there for a minute or two, just looking.  (this has to be the night before, though, no time to stand still in my mornings!)

Cardi, Lands' End Canvas; Cami, J Crew; Pants, New York and Company; necklace, Pink.


  1. is that the same reversible belt i saw on clearance in the gap tonight and literally thought of you? crazy! i actually contemplated buying it for you!!!

  2. It is!! I also have one in black and gray!


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