Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mixing It Up

I am so totally counting this as pattern mixing.  I love these stripes but the shirt is on its last threads.  It has a few worn spots already. (Well it has been almost 4 years.)  But I am on a shopping hiatus at the moment, so I am holding back from the perfect stripes at Loft.  Which I could have gotten with great pants and a necklace for 40% and free shipping, but I resisted because it was a bargain but still $100.


I am wearing this old shirt.  Again.

No bottom half in the shot because it was so totally boring I could not be bothered.

Tee, J Crew; jacket, TJ Maxx, purchased for $30 five or even six years ago; pants, unseen, Gap. Earrings, in my purse.

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