Friday, March 25, 2011


I so rarely take my Management-given opportunity to wear jeans at work on Fridays. I say "Management" as if I was not part of the team that wrote the policy.  I am my own Man.  Heavy.

Anyway.  I did it today because I am tired and stressed and feel as if every aspect of my life is half-assed and disorganized and that wearing jeans would give me just enough easiness to make it through.  Which is funny, because usually when I am feeling overwhelmed at work I reach for more professional things.  Do you do that?

Truth be told, I also did it because I needed to move some paper files and the cabinet in which they live in anticipation of a new team member who will join us next week.  Which should relieve some of the stress and disorganization.

So, really, two birds.  One Stone.

Tee, professional perk!; cardi, J Crew; jeans, Lands' End.

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