Friday, March 4, 2011

30 for 30: Day Twenty One

Can I just start repeating the 30 for 30 challenge over and over?  It might be tough for those cusp of season months, but I really am loving it.  It somehow makes getting dressed both easier and more challenging.  

That being said, I think I will include this weekend because we are headed to Long Island to visit family and I won't be able to to dress like a lumberjack, like I do at home.  So I expect will be dispatching the last few days anon!

And just a few things about todays outfit:  It made me feel incredibly tall, it was odd not to wear a belt, and given the day I had?  Glad I was comfy.

Items worn: 5, 21, 23, 30

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  1. A very cute look. I like your sweater!


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