Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 for 30: Day Nineteen (and an icon)

In like a lion....a very cold and frosty lion. I am so done with winter, but it persists.  Oh yes, does it ever!

Items worn: 6, 10, 27

As part of the Feminist Fashion Bloggers project, I am taking a break from talking ALL ABOUT ME to share my thoughts on a feminist fashion icon.  I am going old school, here.  The minute I started thinking about the topic, the only person who would come to mind is the incredible (and fashionable) Gloria Steinem.

In my earlier post about feminism, I mentioned that I have been a feminist as long as I can remember.  I have to believe it was the constant presence of Ms. Magazine in our house.  An article by Gloria Steinem on Marilyn Monroe (and the book that followed) influenced my earliest (6th grade) thoughts on sexuality and feminism and beauty.  Gloria has explored this intersection in a lot of her work.  And the irony is not lost on me that among the very 1st pictures in a google image search on G.S. is of her as a Playboy bunny.

But here's the thing I love most about her:  she combines her own amazing style and grace (and beauty) with incredible power.  Power that AMPLIFIES that style and beauty ten fold.  Another thing I love?  She has embraced aging, and she has embraced young feminists.  She's so totally then and so totally now.  I went to the rally for Planned Parenthood in NYC this past weekend and she was scheduled to speak...she couldn't because she was sick, but the disappointment in the crowd of women and men of all ages at missing her?  Spoke volumes.

So, Gloria, keep inspiring us (and rocking the statement necklaces and great belts) for generations to come!


  1. Yes! Style, grace, beauty and power are the perfect words for her. I recently read an old essay she wrote about going to a spa retreat with a bunch of women and them all being naked together and how powerful it was. Very inspirational and amazing woman.

  2. Inspiring indeed! Power as amplifying beauty is a concept that needs to become more widespread - thanks for pointing it out!


  3. She has really elegant fingers, in that picture.

    I can see her influence in your outfit today.

  4. Yep, Gloria rocks...and is a beauty to boot. I also love her for her attitude to ageing and her continuing ability to inspire.


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