Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 for 30: Day Eighteen

You didn't ask, but let me tell you:  for me, the key to a happy marriage is to laugh at yourselves and with each other. Which is what is going on here.

Another helpful marital hint?  Let him be right once in a while.  Actually, that is awful advice.  You don't LET each other be right, but whatever!  This is all to say that yesterday? When I got dressed in this outfit, packed my bag, pretended to check the weather, risked life and limb on the three foot walk from the front step to the car door, loaded the kids and myself into the car, drove 15 minutes and decided to just come home? After my better half insisted I should at least leave late?  Yeah, he was right.

So I put on my jammies, worked from home, and wore the outfit again today.

Items worn: 9, 13, 29

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  1. NOBODY should walk on what's in our driveway ...! Work at home -- way to go!


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