Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boho Luxe

I call today's look Boho Luxe.  My husband calls it Art Teacher.

I got a lot of comments on how different a look this is for me.  I don't see it, really.  Perhaps it is the scarf?  Or lack of belt?

Blouse, from my mom and before that, JC Penney; pants, Context; shoes, SE Boutique; Necklace, my Grammy.


  1. Hippiesque with the beads and scarf in a modern sort of way with the shiny shoes. I don't think you look like an Art teacher though. Most of the Art teachers in Bristol don't have a lot of style when it comes to dressing...most dress very plain and casual. I don't know any that are hippies or remind me of hippies. I think this is a cute outfit but makes you look bigger than you are because of the loose fit, baggy clothes.

  2. I think Bill's comment might be because he went to school in the 70s and had an actual hippie art teacher! We just had Mrs. Blumer and Mr. Battista...I trust Bristol's art students are in good hands now.

  3. Oh...thanks Martha !


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