Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why I Love my Husband, Reason #4565

This week my man and my little girl are off to the lower reaches of our great state, introducing her to the wilds of NYC (as opposed to the wilderness of the ADKs.)  And it finally snowed.  A whopping inch or maybe two.  

And that means dressing for the weather.  And the weather means cleaning off my car.  

Which I never ever do unless Bill is not home.  Because he does it for me.  He starts it.  He gets every speck of snow off.  He frets about my driving in it.  It is delightful, and just one of a million small things I love about him.

So pair this outfit with a GIANT down coat and boots, and that's what you would have seen at 7am, in front of my house.

Only problem?  Where the boots are now.  Under my desk.  At work.

Jacket, Victoria's Secret; tee, J Crew; pants, Gap.

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