Friday, December 17, 2010

Layers and Bangs

I think my blog is rapidly swinging in a new direction...I am becoming a how to stay warm in the when it is in the single digits blogger.  It's the new thing.  You'll see.  Pretty soon you will be so sick of us all talking about our layers and our down and our polypropolene long underwear and our wool socks.  You're gonna be all..."GOD!  Do these people think people haven't been getting cold for thousands of years without navel gazing about it!"  You are just jealous.

So yeah.  Silk blouse and a tee shirt.  Giant thinsulate lined boots until my feet warmed up...which wasn't til after lunch.

In other news, the bangs are back!!

I am having a color conundrum though...I am feeling the urge to go darker.  Like the color of my roots.  But isn't that just mousy brown?  And who dyes their hair THAT color?

Tee, Lands' End Canvas; Blouse, Loft; skirt, Victoria's Secret; tights, Target; shoes, Madden Girl.

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  1. Wow that is chilly :/ It has yet to get that cold ever down this ways in California!

    You should totally do a rich, chocolate brown. I've yet to see a person who it doesn't flatter.

    And your bangs are cute! I've been thinking about getting bangs, but I think I think because of my hair's texture, I'd have to apply too much heat to keep it up :/


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