Friday, December 31, 2010

Final Exam

Thanks for following me for the last seven months!  It was a lot of fun looking back and picking my favorites for the year. When I first started my only goal was to starting making an effort to care about my clothes, and to begin putting more than 30 seconds thought into outfits.  I've definitely accomplished that, though I can't say every ensemble is great!  And I also learned to belt and think about different color combinations.  I want to work more on pattern mixing in the coming year...and on pants.  Not a single panted look among my faves!  I would also like to start mixing in more vintage and thrifted items...

So...let's look at the highlights!


I think this is my favorite because it's so easy, sexy and it reminds me of the great date Bill and I had that night.  And also of how creme brulee let me down.  But nevermind that.


Shorts!!  I love these shorts. And the wedges.  Can it be summer again, please?


This jacket appeared is part of many of my close second favorite outfits.  I think I like this outfit because it really was a big departure for me in terms of color and pattern.  This is why more thrifting is in my future...I mean I spent close to nothing on that skirt, so I felt free to take a risk.


And the belting.  This belt, which is reversible and grey and pink (and its sister which is black and grey),  are in constant use.  How did I never before see the joys of belting?  Especially on a body that's had two kids, where it can restore (or fake) a waist.


The perfect outfit makes me feel confident, pretty, and comfortable and requires no more thought after putting it on.  This is that outfit.


Colors!  I am having a ball mixing up colors that I wouldn't have paired in the past.  My new motto?  When in doubt?  Try it!


It's all here - the things I learned to love this year....the right silhouette, a belt, heels, color, pattern and texture.  Hell, my nails are even done!

See you in 2011!!

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  1. Great outfits! I have that same dress from June. Love it!


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