Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Hot

When I was a kids my mom would sometimes have to tell me "Quit hanging on me!  It is too hot."  I never understood that.  Maybe as the hanger it's fine, but for the hanged on?  Now I get it.

I do like the heat though.  That full on roasting as you walk out the door.  The good excuse to skip a workout and eat ice cream.  Today I wanted to look unwilted.  That was my only goal really.  And these pictures are from the end of the day, so in that I succeeded.

I think I finally really did it with this skirt.

Tee, Target; Skirt, Gap; wedges, Nine West; Necklace, gift from the hangers-on's (I mean kids') day care provider; belt, LL Bean via the Fashion Exchange.


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