Friday, July 2, 2010


"Mama, you look longtall today!"

I would never call myself tall, but I am taller than average.  (I am just shy of 5'7".)  But I have the Fuller legs.  Which are short.  Especially considering my height.

But this outfit has some kind of magic.  I never tried pairing a closer fitting top with the skinny jeans, but I think that, along with the dark tone of the shirt really stretches me out.  Especially below the waist.

And I am not a jeans and heels girl, but these wedges?  That works for me!

I did wear jeans to work today, as I have mentioned I can.  Rare for me, but now I have tried this combo I might do it again.  And also?  How great is it that I can advertise a condom on my work shirt?  And then have it be a totally appropriate visual aid for a leadership meeting...

Jeans, Lands' End Audrey jean; Wedges, Nine West; Scarf, Victoria's Secret; Tee, Planned Parenthood Proper Attire (required for entry) fig leaf shirt, available here.

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