Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best Intentions

You know those days when you just are ON?  Yeah.  This wasn't one of those days.  I went to bed thinking about outfit possibilities but a 3am toddler wakeup, followed by oversleeping by an HOUR AND A HALF meant I grabbed what was closest.

Luckily I had decided on the shoes in advance, knowing I'd be walking a fair bit during the day.

Honestly, I see that this is a fine casual weekend look, but not what I have been trying for at work.  In the winter, my grab and go is more tailored and polished.  But summer...I struggle.

What's your go to look on rushed mornings?

Top, Loft (four years ago...bought when I was nursing E.); pants, Victoria's Secret; Shoes, SE Boutique; necklace, Target.

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  1. I bought a terrific skirt that I think is Modal or something from JJill. It's black and knee-length, straight, simple, and goes wonderfully with anything AND is a versatile enough fabric that I can wear it with tights in winter and short sleeves in summer. When I'm rushing or having an "off" day, I'll wear that and it makes me feel well-dressed.


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