Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Giant Leap...


Yes.  Shorts that are not made for hiking, or gardening, or running.  In other words, shorts not meant for the sole purpose of sweating.

Shorts for looking cute.

I have not tried THAT for 15 years.  Or more.

So, I decided to pretend I am a whole lot younger and gave it a whirl.

Okay and one without training wheels...


Maybe I need to get some more pairs.

Shorts (!), Lands' End Canvas, SALE $25 and free shipping; top, LLBean; wedges, Nine West; Bracelet, made by my sister-in-law Janet; Necklace, Grammy's box o' costume treasures.


  1. look amazing! I loved the outfit, and the gams are FANTASTIC! Yes, go get more immediately, if not sooner!

  2. love the shorts, love that chair and love that troll/gnome over your shoulder too. sweet geezus, buy yourself some more of those shorts you leggy lady you!

  3. I better chain those chairs down while I run out to the store to get me some more shorts!

  4. You need more shorts for sure. You have great legs.

  5. I like the KEEP OUT sign on the shed behind you.


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