Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Full Swing

Now here is an outfit that I really like.  I feared I would be too warm in these capris, but with the floaty cami it felt just right. (At least for being inside my office with the AC blasting!)

I am dishing it up in black and white, because I always think th cami has an old fashioned feel to it.  But color is good too!

I love the way the cami moves and swings around me.  When I bought it I learned a valuable lesson in TRYING THINGS ON.  I have mentioned before that I do not.  And when I saw this in the store I skipped right over it.  It wasn't until the sales associate brought it to me and INSISTED I try it that I even considered it.

And now it is one of my favorites.

And in honor of the romantic top, I put on my wedding earrings.  (I rarely wear earrings because I have a horrible, painful reaction to them, and the content of the metal makes NO difference.)

And one more shot, just because I like it! (And because for once, I was wearing lip gloss!)

Cami, J Crew; Capris, TJ Maxx; flats; DSW; Earring, maybe Macy's?  It was 6 years ago!


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