Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Somebody Put Baby In a Corner

Alright, blogoverse...I need your help.  My beloved is stranded on a desert island.  Ok, so not a desert island.  But it is deserted.  And an island.  So there are 2 flights a week, and if the flight in can't land, it can't take off.  And that's what happened on Sunday.  And may very well happen again tomorrow, if we don't all pitch in and think "STILLNESS and VISIBILITY."  Thanks!  I am positive this will work, because the power of positive thinking MUST be stronger than the power of 75 mile an hour winds off the Bering Sea.  Right?

Maybe until he returns I should wear mourning colors and pace about? Sounds like a plan, if only I could find time in my busy day to pace!  Maybe during a conference call...

Dress, Hanna Anderssonn (how many Ns and Esses?); blouse, Loft, thrifted!; Bangles, Grandma; boots, the great state of Texas; necklance, Pink, Saranac Lake; hair, in need of a trim!

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  1. I hope your loved one is with you soon!In any case black color can also be classy,profesional,versatile, serious we cannot really live without it(stylisticly speaking!)


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